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Armchair Adventures: Ideas for taking your next journey without leaving home.

Armchair adventures from Maoomba armchair (“chairside”) radio from 1920 by Marcin Wichary

The first adventures I ever took were only in my mind, fueled by books, my mom’s record player, and conversations.  They were all it took to incite imaginary journeys to far flung places and encounters with the world’s most interesting people. Instead of a 10,000 mile trip to Timbuktu, all I had to do was […]

Sense of Place; Sense of Self

Sense of Place, Sense of Self Maoomba

Growing up, I wanted nothing more than to leave my home town.  It took years to realize that I could run all I wanted to, but the place had invaded my dreams, my spirit, my sense of orientation. I felt lost anywhere else. So, I came back and stayed. While I continue to wander, Utah […]

Nine Reasons I am Grateful for the Travel Bug

Hoi An - banana ©Maoomba

It’s no secret that I love to travel.  It started when I was 11 and led me to live and wander abroad for a number years and even meet my husband.   The travel bug has grown into a full-blown addiction that is hard to break…even when I come home exhausted, glad to be home […]

Running Away Can Bring You Home to Yourself

I was 3 years old the first time I packed a bag and headed out the door.  My parents found me easily and convinced me to stay. Just 11 years later, though, I threatened to leave again.  My parents could either let me live with my grandparents in California or let me be a foreign […]

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