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Japanese Mushrooms: Sauteed King Trumpet Mushrooms and Greens with Soft-boiled Egg


I love mushrooms.  I love their unique flavor and texture, and even how they are grown. Recently, I discovered that my favorite Asian grocery store is carrying some amazing  Japanese-variety mushrooms – King Trumpet (AKA King Oyster), white and brown beech (AKA Shimeji – pictured below), and Maitake mushrooms.  And, I’ve been eating them like […]

Broadening the Idea of Breakfast: Not just your typical morning meals

Breakfast in China

I’ve been out of it – focus, sleep, the internet, even the country.  Hopefully, it didn’t really seem like I was gone.  But, I was….to the farthest reaches of China near the Mongolian, Russian, and Kazakh borders.  It was an amazing trip, that I will be sharing  over the next couple of weeks. The only […]

Gluten-free Pumpkin Nut Pancakes

When I’m not drinking my pumpkin, putting it in a soup, or making a curry or some other concoction out of it, I make pumpkin nut pancakes . Not only are the gluten and dairy free, they are delicious and filling.

Powerful Pumpkin Pie Smoothie

Hey, it’s pumpkin month! Here’s a pumpkin pie smoothie that celebrates the occasion, and is good (and good for you). I have been drinking one nearly every day this week, and almost prefer it to pie. Almost : )

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