Meals-Ready-To-Go (MRTG): Asian-style Meatloaf

Asian-fusion Meatloaf

OK, so there probably isn’t Asian meatloaf. What I mean to say is that the meatloaf recipe is inspired by Asian flavors and ingredients. This particular meatloaf made my meals-ready-to-go list because it can be prepared and then sliced into about 8 portion sizes that will last you throughout the week or which can be frozen for lunches later on.

Baozi – Steamed Buns Undone

Steamed Buns - Baozi

There’s a market on 9th South and 5th East, just west of Liberty Park, that carries the widest variety of South Asian foods in the city of Salt Lake, from seasonally-available roasted duck and fresh Thai eggplant to curry powder and an aisle of every noodle type imaginable. I went to this market and came away with a bag of Thai dumpling flour. Hard to resist making some steamed buns.