Dirk’s Chili, Redux and the Delicious Flavors of Cocoa, Coffee + Chipotle

Dirk's Chile, Maoomba

Almost two winters ago, I exchanged comments on food photos of several dishes shared by one Dirk Reul of Germany on Google+.  He commented on photos of the ethnic foods I shared and mentioned that many of the ingredients I posted were unavailable to him. Thinking back to my penpal days as a child, in […]

Easy, Delicious Cauliflower Recipe Roundup

Cauliflower!  So tasty and so good for you.  And who would have thought it was so versatile?  Here are some delicious cauliflower recipes from around the web.  Enjoy! Cauliflower and Tuna Salad (NY Times) A classic Italian antipasto of cauliflower and capers dressed with vinegar and olive oil.  Read recipe here. Recipe By MARTHA ROSE SHULMAN Photo […]