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Parsley Pistachio Pesto + Spaghetti Squash

Parsley pistachio pesto ingredients

Pesto – from the Italian word pestare…to pound or crush (which is how it is typically made) – is a powerfully good thing.  While the original is a mélange of garlic, basil, pine nuts, cheese, olive oil, pesto can be made with just about any fresh, leafy herbs and raw nuts. Italian parsley, shelled pistachios,and roasted […]

Easy & Elegant Orange-poached White Fish

Orange poached white fish recipe from Maoomba

Some days I don’t feel like cooking.  At. All.  You probably know the days – the ones when you’re tired, it’s hot, and you lack motivation to do anything in the kitchen that will take much effort, but you also want to eat something that is relatively healthy and light. Today was one of those […]

Super Simple Stir-fry Formula

@Maoomba Super Simple Stir-fry Formula Pinnable

My first recipe experiments were in a shared dorm hall kitchen during my freshman year of college.  Unfortunately, those meals were mostly forgettable. What I do remember is that my neighbor, homesick for her native Korea, thought I made the perfect taste-tester.  She would cook dishes that were unfamiliar and exotic to my rural Utah […]

Batches of Green Chile Garlic Burgers + Evening Rituals

green chile garlic burgers pinnable

My husband and I have a Monday-evening ritual that involves cooking up the same thing each week and tuning in to the latest episode of House.  It’s not exciting.  In fact, it is completely comfortable and relaxed – a way of easing back into the week.  But, it is something we both look forward to. […]

Flavor Bible to the Rescue (AKA Awesome Broccoli Soup)

dairy-free lemon garlic broccoli soup from @Maoomba

I teach a class called Friday Night Fridge Finds on  The premise behind it is that we – people in general – often wind up at the end of the week without much food in the fridge or motivation to cook, but we can still come up with a healthy, tasty, and easy-to-prepare meal. […]

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