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Pumpkin Pasilla Soup: Vegetarian or Turkified

Pumpkin Pasilla Soup from Maoomba - Pin It

Pasilla peppers are a little bit sweet, a little bit spicy…but just a bit.  These dark green peppers add great earthy flavor to dishes and are a delicious addition to this creamy, roasted tomato soup. Do you still have roast turkey or chicken in the fridge?  Here’s a great way to use it up and […]

Carrots Two Ways – Ginger Carrot Soup and Roasted Side with Herbs

roasted carrots 2

Sweet, colorful, delicious…even visually interesting.  Who knew roots could be so good? And whether you get them in the fall harvest, or after the spring frost, they taste delicious on their own or with just a handful of other ingredients. My favorite ways to eat them? Roasted in just a bit of olive oil, and […]

Carlos’ Charro Chili for Cinco de Mayo

Carlos charro chile from Maoomba

My grandpa Carlos was quite the hipster in his day.  He owned a nightclub called El Matador, drove a corvette, and loved his bling. Of course, this came later in life – after years of working hard for others.Less flashy, more family, he was also the cook in the house.  Two of the recipes my […]

Reinventing Chiles en Nogada Soup-Style

Serve! Top with fresh pomegranate seeds or cilantro if you like.

Deconstruct:  To break something down into its component parts. For a recipe, this means looking at the recipe and determining the essential ingredients – the ones that make the dish unique, satisfying, and flavorful. Deconstruction is one of my favorite ways to reinvent a dish when I want to experience its flavors AND tailor the […]

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