A Mexican, Gluten-free, Mostly-Paleo Wedding Feast and 5 Tips for Feeding Groups

Mostly-paleo wedding, Maoomba

Last weekend, I hosted a wedding.  The bride, of Mexican heritage, wanted food reminiscent of her childhood.  The groom, a meat and potatoes kind of man, has milder tastes in food.  As I was in charge of the kitchen, I opted for a happy medium that was gluten and dairy-free, without being obviously so, and […]

Celebrating Simple Meals That Delight

simple meal ingredients

I finished Nicole Mones’ The Last Chinese Chef last week. Two ideas, in particular, from the book struck me. The first, the idea of simplicity – how simple food nurtures and comforts us. The second, is the relationship that food creates between cook and eater, and how that relationship can delight both. To celebrate these ideas, I’ve prepared a simple meal of delicious ingredients that I hope will delight you and those who eat with you. Enjoy.

Coconut Brown Rice Pudding for Breakfast

Coconut Rice Pudding

When I was a kid, my favorite breakfast was a hot bowl of cream-of-wheat with milk and sugar and piles of Cheerios on top. What I liked the most were the texture combinations, as well as the sweet earthy flavor of wheat and oats. It’s been many years since I’ve eaten this dish, but I still love hot cereals – amaranth with fruit, GF oats, or even rice pudding.