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Egg-, Gluten-, & Dairy-free Rich Dark Chocolate Tapioca Pudding Recipe

National Tapioca Day was yesterday. It inspired me to make a good old-fashioned comfort dish with a modern, grown-up spin. The result is a dark chocolate tapioca pudding that is as simple and creamy as the familiar recipes, but has a more grown-up taste. It is also dairy-free and does not include eggs, which are often included in traditional recipes.

travel and the food experience: belize-inspired desserts with a kick

Eating a meal that incorporates tradition and geographic uniqueness provides you with immediate and intimate access to a culture, its people, and local conditions. And, for me, it is one of the things I enjoy most when visiting a new place. Last month, I experienced the culinary diversity of Belize and found sweet and spicy inspiration for two gluten- and dairy-free desserts: Spicy Key Lime Coconut Bars and Mayan Fudge Brownies.

Coconut Brown Rice Pudding for Breakfast

When I was a kid, my favorite breakfast was a hot bowl of cream-of-wheat with milk and sugar and piles of Cheerios on top. What I liked the most were the texture combinations, as well as the sweet earthy flavor of wheat and oats. It’s been many years since I’ve eaten this dish, but I still love hot cereals – amaranth with fruit, GF oats, or even rice pudding.

Gorgeous Key Lime Curd Tart with Berries

This week, in answer to my prayers about finding ways to use up fruit, Bon Appetit came in the mail, spreading good eats and cheer in the form of a Lime Tart with Blackberries and Blueberries. Chilled, this was delicious: tart, refreshing, light, and with a delicate crunch around the edges. And it was gorgeous! Perfect for entertaining friends on a summer evening on the patio.

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