Orange-Roasted Broccoli, Beets and Garlic Bulb with Pan-fried Chipotle Chops

Beets and Broccoli

Beets, broccoli and garlic bulbs (cloves, really)…some of my favorite vegetables. I don’t know why it took a dearth of fridge contents for me to realize that the three vegetables I had could be cooked up together for a perfectly delicious dish to accompany some smoky, pan-fried pork loin chops!

Beet Walnut Soup with a Hint of Apples

Beet Walnut Soup

I love beets. For those who don’t, it is often the preparation that leaves a poor taste memory behind. To truly appreciate their brilliant fuchsia color and their sweet, earthy flavor, I believe that beets must be freshly cooked and served with ingredients that complement and highlight their unique flavor. This recipe, which includes a base of celery, apples, & walnuts, does just that.