Dirk’s Chili, Redux and the Delicious Flavors of Cocoa, Coffee + Chipotle

Dirk's Chile, Maoomba

Almost two winters ago, I exchanged comments on food photos of several dishes shared by one Dirk Reul of Germany on Google+.  He commented on photos of the ethnic foods I shared and mentioned that many of the ingredients I posted were unavailable to him. Thinking back to my penpal days as a child, in […]

June Food and Agriculture Resource Roundup

High tunnel from local farm

Every so often, I run into books, articles, blog posts, videos, and other online media that help me better understand the food that we eat – from how to grow or prepare it, to how our agricultural systems work, to essays that evoke an emotional or sensory response to food and offer inspirational examples of […]

The Original Paleo Chipotle Chicken Cauliflower Bake / Casserole


Cauliflower: a companion for paleo chipotle chicken casserole Many moons ago, when gluten and dairy were not an issue for me, I used to love making a chili cheddar pasta dish I’d found in Cooking Light.  It was awesome – filled with noodles, milk, butter, and cheese.  But, alas, no more. As I transitioned to […]