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30 Ways to Put Yourself in Action

Action Opossum

Do you ever wonder how it is that some people seem to do really interesting things?  How they find themselves in the middle of the action?  How they get to do the things they do? I have.  And, so, from a very young age, I started observing everyday explorers and asking the ones I could […]

Get out of your head and into the world to get your creative juices flowing

"Get out of your head and into the world to get your creative juices flowing" -Stroym Sweitzer @Maoomba

Taking a shower Going for a long drive Doing mundane tasks, like the dishes Being outside Exercising Taking a nap The idea of taking a break…to exercise, to meditate, to simply do nothing…can seem like just one more thing to squeeze into an already-full day. The thing is, when we get out of our heads, […]

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A Total Immersion Life

What’s a Total Immersion Life? It is a life in which you choose to fully experience all that a place, group of people, or an activity has to offer. The idea of immersion has been with me for a while. It’s how I first learned a foreign language. To dance salsa. To work with new […]

Exchanging Past Tense for Presence

I remember when… Once upon a time… Back in the day…   We all have moments in our lives when life was amazing, when we were amazing, when things just could not have been better. Over time, me may continue to feel these things and pursue experiences that help us do that. But if the […]

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