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Easy & Elegant Orange-poached White Fish

Orange poached white fish recipe from Maoomba

Some days I don’t feel like cooking.  At. All.  You probably know the days – the ones when you’re tired, it’s hot, and you lack motivation to do anything in the kitchen that will take much effort, but you also want to eat something that is relatively healthy and light. Today was one of those […]

Poached Salmon in Foil Packets – Two Days, Two Ways

Poached Salmon from Maoomba Pinnable

I was browsing.  Just trying to mind my own business.  But, then I heard a deep voice – a la Michael Clarke Duncan – ask, “What’s for dinner?” Standing next to me was the butcher – as imposing as his voice, arms crossed as if proudly surveying the meat, poultry, and seafood refrigeration units that […]

Mexico on my Mind

Mexico dulceria

Each day last week, I woke to the sound of the surf and the chatter of pigeons which, like clockwork, flocked to the rafters above our window at exactly 6:30 am.  Usually, I’m an early riser, but I was on vacation.  Kind of. My husband and I went with the intention of working on a […]

Tuna Poke and Cake

Today was another cake-baking day. My mom has a brunch once a year to which I usually bring a fruit plate or something boring like that. I jumped at making dessert this year, instead. I now do this for most events I’m invited to, because a) dessert is my favorite meal of the day, and b) I know that if I make it, I can eat it. But I digress. This post is about tuna poke, not cake. It’s just that the tuna was the lunch we nibbled at while frosting the cake.

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