Persimmons: Adding color to wintery days

Fuyu persimmons

It’s been unseasonably warm in Salt Lake so far this winter…I was able to go out without so much as a sweater until this week. But the white ground following a recent and brief snow fall already has me yearning for a summery day. Until that day comes, in-season pomegranates and persimmons are the perfect way to punctuate my […]

Light and Easy Nectarine, Fresh Green, and Pistachio Salad – no gluten or dairy to weigh this baby down

7-26-11 gluten-free, dairy-free Nectarine Pistachio Avocado Salad with Lime Balsamic Vinaigrette

This light summer salad uses seasonal nectarines, sprouts, and greens, along with rich avocados and pistachios and a spritz of zesty balsamic vinaigrette. It is easy to make, refreshing to eat, and does not have gluten or dairy to weigh it down.