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Muhammara – The Red Pepper, Pomegranate, and Walnut Triple Threat!

Maoomba Pinnable - glutenfree paleo muhammara dip

Middle Eastern dips and sauces are some of the best in the world, in my opinion.  Often thick, rich in flavor, and healthy for you, they are also easy to make – and to modify – if you know what goes into them. What is Muhammara? Muhammara, a red pepper and walnut dip from Aleppo […]

Garlic: strength, health, protection, and flavor

Garlic bulbs

Garlic has long been my favorite vegetable.  I love it so much that, in college, I used to eat raw cloves.  My roommate’s mother, a Taiwanese lady who rarely spoke to me when she visited, made a point to call me out on it one day. “You eat garlic like the Red Army.  They’re strong, […]

Flavor Bible to the Rescue (AKA Awesome Broccoli Soup)

dairy-free lemon garlic broccoli soup from @Maoomba

I teach a class called Friday Night Fridge Finds on  The premise behind it is that we – people in general – often wind up at the end of the week without much food in the fridge or motivation to cook, but we can still come up with a healthy, tasty, and easy-to-prepare meal. […]

What to do With a Pound of Mushrooms

Sometimes I buy things on a whim in amounts that don’t seem realistic for my 2-person household. This week it was a 1-pound container of baby bello mushrooms. Since I have been on a roasting kick this fall – pretty much any vegetable that comes through the door is subjected to this cooking method. Today, it was the bellos’ turn.

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