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How to Make Roast Chicken (or Turkey) Salad

Roast Chicken Salad Pinnable from Maoomba

Every once in a while, I roast a whole chicken.  When the bird has been cared for (free range, organic), it results in a succulent, elegant meal that tastes delicious, is good for you, and lets you enjoy the entire chicken instead of just its parts. But what do you do with a whole bird? […]

Easy & Elegant Orange-poached White Fish

Orange poached white fish recipe from Maoomba

Some days I don’t feel like cooking.  At. All.  You probably know the days – the ones when you’re tired, it’s hot, and you lack motivation to do anything in the kitchen that will take much effort, but you also want to eat something that is relatively healthy and light. Today was one of those […]

Sichuan Peppercorns and Nutmeg Make for Amazing Spiced-rubbed Roast Pork

Maoomba Pinnable - Lisu Sichuan Spice-Rubbed Roast Pork Recipe

OK, by now, you’re probably thinking, “enough travel photos already, Stormy!  Let’s get back to the food.” Well, I have a recipe for you.  It’s not my own.  But it is pretty delicious and inspired by the Sichuan peppers I ran across in China. Sichuan peppers, if you haven’t had them, are an interesting experience.  […]

Super Simple Stir-fry Formula

@Maoomba Super Simple Stir-fry Formula Pinnable

My first recipe experiments were in a shared dorm hall kitchen during my freshman year of college.  Unfortunately, those meals were mostly forgettable. What I do remember is that my neighbor, homesick for her native Korea, thought I made the perfect taste-tester.  She would cook dishes that were unfamiliar and exotic to my rural Utah […]

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