Parsley Pistachio Pesto + Spaghetti Squash

Parsley pistachio pesto ingredients

Pesto – from the Italian word pestare…to pound or crush (which is how it is typically made) – is a powerfully good thing.  While the original is a mélange of garlic, basil, pine nuts, cheese, olive oil, pesto can be made with just about any fresh, leafy herbs and raw nuts. Italian parsley, shelled pistachios,and roasted […]

13 Flavors (including Maoomba Mayan Chocolate) of Larabar-like Fruit and Nut Bars

larabars7C - refrigerate and cut

It’s my birthday!  The day that inspired a story that led to the name Maoomba. When I was a child, my father called me Maoomba-goomba Queen of the Jungle. As if Stormy wasn’t unusual enough, right?  The interesting thing, is that it wasn’t just a name; it was the title of my story – the story he […]

Yummy Honey, Seed & Nut Power Snack Recipes

Honey Seed Power Snacks Pinnable @Maoomba

Last week I talked about tasting honey.  In my opinion, honey can be overpowering – rich, sweet, even palpitation-inducing – on its own and tastes best in combination with more savory ingredients…like tea, or nuts, or meat. The very different flavors balance and enhance each other. And, honey is a great binding agent for pulling together […]