13 Flavors (including Maoomba Mayan Chocolate) of Larabar-like Fruit and Nut Bars

larabars7C - refrigerate and cut

It’s my birthday!  The day that inspired a story that led to the name Maoomba. When I was a child, my father called me Maoomba-goomba Queen of the Jungle. As if Stormy wasn’t unusual enough, right?  The interesting thing, is that it wasn’t just a name; it was the title of my story – the story he […]

Persimmons: Adding color to wintery days

Fuyu persimmons

It’s been unseasonably warm in Salt Lake so far this winter…I was able to go out without so much as a sweater until this week. But the white ground following a recent and brief snow fall already has me yearning for a summery day. Until that day comes, in-season pomegranates and persimmons are the perfect way to punctuate my […]

Bael Fruit Tea Recipe + the Joys (and how-to’s) of Shopping at Ethnic Food Markets

5. Chill and pour the tea. Keep refrigerated.

The first time I walked into an Indian grocery store, I didn’t know coriander from my elbow.   It took years of reading, being introduced to ethnic restaurants, and cooking experiments to build up familiarity and confidence with coriander and the multitude of other spices and flavors this world has to offer. Today, I not only […]

How to Cut a Mango

how to cut a mango photo tutorial

A couple of weeks ago, I posted an image of some mangoes.  This week, a new variety was available and I thought I’d take the opportunity to share the way I learned to cut a mango. How to cut a mango: Start at the center top of the mango and cut downwards along the curve of […]