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Japanese Mushrooms: Sauteed King Trumpet Mushrooms and Greens with Soft-boiled Egg


I love mushrooms.  I love their unique flavor and texture, and even how they are grown. Recently, I discovered that my favorite Asian grocery store is carrying some amazing  Japanese-variety mushrooms – King Trumpet (AKA King Oyster), white and brown beech (AKA Shimeji – pictured below), and Maitake mushrooms.  And, I’ve been eating them like […]

What to do With a Pound of Mushrooms

Sometimes I buy things on a whim in amounts that don’t seem realistic for my 2-person household. This week it was a 1-pound container of baby bello mushrooms. Since I have been on a roasting kick this fall – pretty much any vegetable that comes through the door is subjected to this cooking method. Today, it was the bellos’ turn.

Celebrating Simple Meals That Delight

I finished Nicole Mones’ The Last Chinese Chef last week. Two ideas, in particular, from the book struck me. The first, the idea of simplicity – how simple food nurtures and comforts us. The second, is the relationship that food creates between cook and eater, and how that relationship can delight both. To celebrate these ideas, I’ve prepared a simple meal of delicious ingredients that I hope will delight you and those who eat with you. Enjoy.

Carbonara by the Bowlful with Mushrooms and Chilies, Too!

My first bowl of spaghetti carbonara was eaten amongst friends in a compact student dorm in Eastern Finland. The chef was a British forestry student with a penchant for birding. He whipped up this quick dish using 5 simple ingredients: a box of spaghetti, diced ham, frozen peas, a splash of milk and a few eggs. Carbonara-style pasta has been a favorite ever since.

Simple GF Miso Soup for Camping and Backpacking

I was craving a steaming bowl of brothy soup today, but did not have the patience to make something from scratch. Instead, I grabbed a box of miso soup mix, some pre-sliced mushrooms, leftover pork loin, a bundle of bean vermicelli, and a bunch of fresh cilantro out of the veggie crisper. The whole dish took 5 minutes to make. And it was tasty, warming and filling.

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