Life feels most true when it moves you! 

Do you experience poetry, beauty, and wonder where others find none?

Are you a closet adventurer, hopeless romantic, or creative spirit?

Do you follow your curiosity, enjoy new experiences, and crave things that bring your senses to life?

Are you idealistic, full of possibility, or incredibly trusting?

Do you “feel” the world deeply and are easily moved by life?

Or, do you hide these things away?



Sadly, many of us who feel this way, live a life of quiet desperation. One in which we are told that our innate curiosity, trusting nature, sense of wonder and whimsy, or sensitivity to the world have no place in the world.

We try to play by others’ rules, but never really understand the game.

We try to act like other people in our effort to fit in, only to feel like fakes when we do.

In our efforts to be a good child, student, employee, spouse, parent, neighbor, etc., we often lose the parts of ourselves that make us who we are.

The result: self-doubt and fear of others’ disapproval guide our journey more than our own true nature.  And, eventually, we no longer hear or even trust our inner sweetheart–the one who gives voice to our desires and dreams.

Living in a way that is not true to ourselves is exhausting, life-sapping and harmful to our spirits.

My name is Stormy Sweitzer, and I believe that there is a better way.  A way that honors your unique way of seeing and being in this world.


Through my classes, programs, and upcoming customized life experiences, I help gentle souls like you live a life that moves you, unapologetically. Learn more about me here.

I imagine that you are here because you crave this. You know you can only go so much longer before your heart bursts, the dam breaks, and your spirit defies the trappings of the life you now find yourself in in messy ways.

How do I know?  Because I, myself, spent years trying to live up to others’ expectations (really my own ideas of what others expected) by trading out what came naturally for anything that helped me navigate school, job, business, and life.

I succeeded!

And, in the process, I slowly let go of what made me, me – the wide-eyed, curious, highly-sensitive and introspective person that loved to write, explore, and create. Things looked fine from the outside, but inside, I really felt quite lonely, lost, and disconnected from myself.

It took a couple of unexpected events – the loss of two of my best friends, a business crisis, and some health concerns – to both take me over the edge and to help me realize that I needed to find a healthy way to climb back up.

In the process, I rediscovered my core and learned a very valuable lesson:

There is sanctuary in rediscovering and reclaiming your voice, your gifts, and your way.  It feels like relief.  Like coming home to yourself.

iStock_000011241803Small matryoshka2For you, there might be sanctuary in peeling back the layers of who you’ve become to find the real you beneath.

Sanctuary in realizing that what lies at your core is what will most help you live a life that moves you deeply.

Sanctuary in finally taking that first step towards the life you’ve never permitted yourself to believe was possible.

If you are here, then you have an inkling that this feels true.  That being “too naive, too sensitive, too much of a daydreamer,” too you (in other words) for other people, is exactly the right thing for you.  There is honesty in that.  A truth like no other.

When you live in a way that lets your deep caring, deep seeing, and deep feeling move you, you move others and make life more beautiful for it.