Japanese Mushrooms: Sauteed King Trumpet Mushrooms and Greens with Soft-boiled Egg


I love mushrooms.  I love their unique flavor and texture, and even how they are grown. Recently, I discovered that my favorite Asian grocery store is carrying some amazing  Japanese-variety mushrooms – King Trumpet (AKA King Oyster), white and brown beech (AKA Shimeji – pictured below), and Maitake mushrooms.  And, I’ve been eating them like […]

13 Flavors (including Maoomba Mayan Chocolate) of Larabar-like Fruit and Nut Bars

larabars7C - refrigerate and cut

It’s my birthday!  The day that inspired a story that led to the name Maoomba. When I was a child, my father called me Maoomba-goomba Queen of the Jungle. As if Stormy wasn’t unusual enough, right?  The interesting thing, is that it wasn’t just a name; it was the title of my story – the story he […]

Persimmons: Adding color to wintery days

Fuyu persimmons

It’s been unseasonably warm in Salt Lake so far this winter…I was able to go out without so much as a sweater until this week. But the white ground following a recent and brief snow fall already has me yearning for a summery day. Until that day comes, in-season pomegranates and persimmons are the perfect way to punctuate my […]