A Mexican, Gluten-free, Mostly-Paleo Wedding Feast and 5 Tips for Feeding Groups

Mostly-paleo wedding, Maoomba

Last weekend, I hosted a wedding.  The bride, of Mexican heritage, wanted food reminiscent of her childhood.  The groom, a meat and potatoes kind of man, has milder tastes in food.  As I was in charge of the kitchen, I opted for a happy medium that was gluten and dairy-free, without being obviously so, and […]

The Other Half Marathon, Moab + Run Playlist

Moab Weekend

Have you ever heard of Buddy Lee? I’m not talking about the Lee Jeans doll mascot. No, I mean Buddy Lee the Olympian and 10-time World Medalist. Buddy Lee is also a fitness trainer and jump rope expert, and a couple of years ago, I bought one of those ropes. Last week while prepping for a garage sale, I found it in the bottom of a plastic bin and gave it a try.