Working Conditions for Everyday Explorer’s

When I am not on the road, I typically work from home – the internet and the resources on my desktop computer are draws I can’t seem to pull away from. Today, in need of new surroundings, I decided to do something different.  I packed up my laptop and a bottle of water and headed […]

30 Ways to Put Yourself in Action

Action Opossum

Do you ever wonder how it is that some people seem to do really interesting things?  How they find themselves in the middle of the action?  How they get to do the things they do? I have.  And, so, from a very young age, I started observing everyday explorers and asking the ones I could […]

The Hummingbird Perch: A Tale of Persistence, Patience & Payoff

hummingbird © Maoomba

My parents set up hummingbird feeders outside the dining room window every summer.  During the day, dozens of the little ruby-throated, copper-headed, or emerald-tailed birds flocked to the feeders, zooming in and out at lighting speed. My brothers and I were fascinated.  And so my father, in an effort to keep us entertained, made a […]

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Hitting the Pause Button


Do you ever notice that certain things in life seem to take longer than others?  And that sometimes, it’s because you get in your own way?  That seems to be the story of my life this past year. Finally realizing I needed to do something about it, I gave myself an ultimatum last week:  finish […]

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