Your Adventurer’s Spirit

Your Adventurer's Spirit. Artist EugèneTrutat, Aragon Spain cir. 1898

Epic adventures start with a pull.  A desire to follow one’s heart or pursue some quest.  It’s as simple as that. What follows?  Who knows.  It is the unknown – to be discovered in the unfolding now. Try as you might to control things, you very often can’t.  And this is where the fun (or […]

Experiences That Move Us

Sapa - fog rolling in

Have you ever had an experience that so moved you that it actually changed the way you saw the world or yourself in it? A fleeting moment,  hard-won journey,  sudden insight unexpected encounter, or deep connection that opened you wide up and even transformed you, and, by extension, changed the course of your personal story. I’m […]

Evidence of Things Not Seen

Evidence,, hoof by don.wing45, flickrCC2

I went for a hike today. As winter fades away, the evidence of things not seen becomes clearer. A broken branch. The hoof print of a small deer. Fallen feathers. A mateless mitten lost along the trail. And clues to the presence of coyotes and other small critters. In other words, traces of people and […]

How’d You Get to Do That? AKA: A story & 8 ways to create your own luck

How’d You Get to Do That? a story & 8 ways to create your own luck from Image Credit: A lucky find by BobMacInnes, FlickrCC2.0

This is part of a monthly series of posts on the art and skill of living the life of an everyday explorer.   “Wow!  How’d you get to do that?” “What do you mean GET to?”  I was confused.  It had taken me years to reach the point where things were finally coming together.  Years […]

A Night at the Opera

Last night, I went to the opera.  It was a gorgeous version of Puccini’s Turandot.  The opera is about a princess that carries the anguish of her ancestor in her heart.  She does not want to meet the same fate – being given over to a man like chattel and losing herself in the process. […]