About Stormy

In my dreams, I am an international woman of mystery, a subversive educator whose secret weapons are both practical and wondrous, and a catalyst for change that opens minds, fills bellies, and fuels the human spirit.

In my waking life, I am a writer, an educator, and a facilitator who has served the young and young-at-heart in following their hearts and curiosity for 20 years. I have had the honor of teaching thousands of people – in  personal and professional settings around the globe – how to manage fear of failing or trying something new, to make sense of their experience and how they see the world, plan how to reach a seemingly-distant vision in a strategic way, and explore the unknown.

Most importantly, though, I am an ordinary person who has lived in a way – both serendipitously and by design – that seems idealistic and extraordinary by most people’s measure.  In a nutshell, I am moved by life, practical by nature, passionate about people, frequently wonderstruck, and infinitely curious.


Essential Truths that guide my work with you:


Exploring the mysteries of our past is as powerful as planning out our future.


What we feel and know deep within ourselves must not be ignored.[/col2]
Learning and curiosity are acts of subversion that create new possibilities.

Most importantly:

I do not have the answers.  You do.

Let me say that again.  YOU. DO.  You alone have the answers you’ve been looking for.

Me?  I simply offer sanctuary and a compassionate ear.

I’m the caring stranger with no agenda other than that I love to help people reclaim the parts of themselves that make them feel most at home in their own skin. And I happen to be very good at listening and asking beautiful questions, offering tools and guidance, as well as understanding what it takes to bridge inklings and action.

In this way, I can guide your journey of exploration, help you reconnect with your inner sweetheart, and live a life that moves you…beautifully, wondrously, vividly.